Medusa Hand Tattoo Meaning

Medusa tattoos in particular are symbolic representations of the power and strength that many modern women associate with femininity. Shes a mythical monster and also the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto.

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Medusa tattoos are also interpreted as a feminist symbol.

Medusa hand tattoo meaning. These Medusa tattoos will look splendid on body because of the rich history behind the character of Medusa. It represents feminine powera great tattoo design for powerful women to showcase their true selves. It shows the message of being a person.

It is said that when Perseus decapitated Medusa Pegasus a winged horse and Chrysaora golden sword-wielding giantcame out of her body making her a symbol of powerful transformation and reincarnation. The true meaning of the Medusa Tattoo The meaning that rbreexo was referring to is that Medusa is a design that people who have suffered situations of sexual harassment or rape get tattooed to make it visible and to keep in mind that they have overcome it and are now stronger. Medusa Tattoo Meaning Medusa tattoos can have certain unique meanings and here are some that you can try to improvise and blend in your tattoo design Lust Medusa was described as a siren that would lure sailors and lost wanderers using her beauty and then kill them so that she can stay young forever.

Medusa is excellent for someone looking to take a tattoo out of the norm. Evil Magic Rebirth Death Transformation Protection Feminism Seduction Designs of Medusa Tattoos If you are into ancient mythologies and looking for an interesting tattoo then you will like the designs of medusa tattoos. The Greek woman with eyes thatll turn a man straight to stone and hair full of snakes.

The face of the monster is similar to a creature while many venomous snakes create her own hair. Is she an empowerment icon to you a protective symbol or just your favorite colossus. Inking inspired by historical mythology.

In the end your tattoo symbolizes what you want it too. Fundamentally Medusa is a personality from the Greek mythology. For those of you who dont know Medusa is a very significant character and part of the Greek mythology and is looked upon as a symbol of femininity and freedom by many.

Medusas ultimate beheading directed to the nativity of Pegasus and the far lesser-known Greek figure Chrysador a monster with an immense weapon. It makes sense for your Medusa tattoo to mean feminine power especially if shes drawn with a particular sensuality. From realism to a new school the Medusa tattoo is a very popular and powerful Greek mythology tattoo.

Medusas were originally associated as being protectors against evil spirits but over time have become known more for their role representing female empowerment than anything else. Your tattoo design can signify the same. A Medusa tattoo meaning as depicted in Greek Mythology is that of a hypnotising beauty who was turned into an ugly monster by the Goddess Athena.

Take some time to meditate on why you want the Medusa tattoo. Countless relics from Ancient Greece depict the image of the snake-haired Medusa as a symbol of protection. The beheading of Medusa can be interpreted as a symbol of silencing powerful women who express their opinions.

This is a visually striking and deeply symbolic tattoo. Inking Medusa on your body is sure to fend off those that would seek to do you wrong. At the end of the day your tattoo represents what you want it to represent but in general the medusa tattoos symbolize.

People often get this tattoo not because they are of evil personalities but because they want to make people realise that evil exists. Though there is much to say about the tragedy of Medusas story she became a formidable foe. A tattoo of Medusa can symbolize a woman reclaiming her power and switching up the narrative of women being punished and unjustly treated for being female.

That said below are the meanings that may be applied to the Medusa tattoo. In late architecture design as well as pottery Medusas image became a typical component. If the right meanings are used the Medusa tattoo is a great image if you want to represent feminism in a new way.

The main meanings involved with Medusa tattoos are. The word means protect rule over with Medusa meaning guardian or protectress Perseverance Some will get tattoos of Medusas severed head or Perseus holding it as a representation of perseverance. Fundamentally Medusa is a personality from the Greek mythology.

The Medusa tattoo represents the fact that everyone is a human being in the end with feelings and emotions and none like to get hurt. Medusa Tattoo Meaning and Designs Feminine Power. What does a medusa tattoo symbolize.

Of course you can get your Medusa tattoo in any style you fancy. A medusa tattoo can be a protection from the evil or a symbol of the victims. However others see her as a protective symbol and ability to destroy ones enemies given her ability to petrify and thus.

There are many popular characters to choose from. Symbolism Behind Medusa There are many different avenues you can take when it comes to what a Medusa tattoo means at the end of the day its about what resonates with you. Medusa was cursed to turn anyone who laid eyes on her into stone.

Medusa tattoo has a lot of symbolism associated with it. Medusas visage has been adopted by many women as a symbol of female rage and used as a map to guide women through their terrors through the depths of their anger into the sources of their power as women. 35 Medusa Tattoos That Are Hauntingly Beautiful.

Medusa tattoo designs and variations. The Medusa tattoo is one that you can tattoo in different styles. Some theories like to interpret Medusa as a symbol of female powerlessness and the wrong doing done against her with the excuse of evil and strength.

A powerful woman whom many wouldve thought of often since childhood remains a source of mystery and intrigue.

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